How does a shoot work?

How does a professional portrait photo shoot work? So you have seen some beautiful images, and you would like some of your own, what happens? What is the process?

This is a question I get asked a lot, and it is something we photographers generally take for granted. It is only when we stop and think about it that you realise that it is a very pertinent and important question for a prospective client to ask. So, here will break it down in to a series of FAQ's: 


I don't like having my picture taken, can you help?+

Standing in front of the camera is daunting (that is why I stay on this side), so we will spend a little bit of time chatting over a cup of tea or coffee, getting you relaxed around me and the setting.

During this time I will have my camera close by and ask for you to relax while I make some 'adjustments' to the camera settings. This is all part of my cunning plan to keep you relaxed and grow in comfort with the camera pointing at you.

Once we are at this stage, I will start making little suggestions: Tilt your head slightly... Move your hand... All while maintaining the flow of conversation.

If you haven't guessed, the photo shoot is already in full swing!

I always start the photo shoots with relaxed, natural moments, these moments capture so much personality that we simply cannot miss.

It is these moments that set the tone for the rest of the shoot.

What do I wear?+

I always recommend wearing clothes that make you feel confident and attractive, basically ‘you on a good day‘.

Avoid wearing anything too tight or too baggy as these don’t work well on camera. So anything which gives you a flattering shape works best.

We love a bit of colour pop, as you can probably tell from the photos, so if possible do try and bring at least one item of clothing that’s a bright colour.

Most of our shots are from the waist up or shoulders up so you don’t need to worry too much about the bottom half. This makes it much easier to get lots of different looks without bringing too much with you. Layering is always good: jackets, jumpers, shirts, t-shirts can be mixed and matched really easily.

Women can also use accessories to change a look. It’s amazing how a change of lipstick and/or hair style mixes things up.

Do I need to bring anything?+

You don’t need to bring anything with you other than the outfit(s) that you want to wear.

If you want, you can bring a couple of props with you as they give you something to do with your hands and they’re a great way to tell people a bit more about your personality – depending on what you choose. Books, headphones, cameras, hats, coffee cups, newspapers etc all make great props.

Dogs and bikes tend to be a lot more problematic but we have made them work too!

How long will the shoot take?+

Photo shoots last a couple of hours usually. by the time we have a cup of tea and chat, venture to a couple of different locations (or different setups in the studio), wardrobe changes (if needed).

By the end of the shoot you will be buzzing with excitement and totally comfortable with the whole experience. After all, who doesn't want to live like a celebrity, even if it is only for a couple of hours.

When will I get my images?+

Your images will generally take a maximum of about two weeks to edit and send to you. Any changes to this will be clearly comminucated.

So the shoot has finished, what now?+

Well I would hope that by now we have have formed a bit of a connection, a relationship that goes a little beyond that of a professional one, that we will keep in touch and continue to work together.

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