How does a shoot work?

This is a question I get asked all the time, and it is something we as photographers generally take for granted. It is only when you stop and think about it that you realise that it is a very pertinent and important question for a client to ask. So in this post, I will explain the way I work a shoot and the reasons behind it.

So you have booked a photo shoot, and the day has arrived. The nerves and excitement have kicked in, butterflies doing somersaults in your stomach:

"RELAX!! Do not fret, take a breath..."

When you arrive, we will have a little chat over a cup of tea/coffee about your wants and expectations from the experience, before taking your seat with the makeup artist (optional). As a team, we will discuss the hair and makeup looks based around the wardrobe you have brought with you.

Beautiful Makeup
Professional makeup artists


Relaxed moments

Relaxed moments


Standing in front of the camera can be a daunting time (That's why I prefer to be this side), so we spend a little bit of time just getting you nice and relaxed; used to the strange environment that is a photo studio.

During this time I will ask you to take a seat/stand (where we will be shooting) and relax while I make a couple of "adjustments". This is all a part of my cunning plan to get you relaxed, and not focused on having the camera pointed at you.


Once we are at this stage, I will start making little suggestions: tilt your head slightly... Move your hand... all while maintaining the flow of conversation. If you hadn't had guessed, the photo shoot is now in full swing!

Male portraits too!

Male portraits too!


I always start the photo shoots with relaxed, natural moments, candid captures that you do not have to worry about. These moments capture so much personality that we simply cannot miss.

It is these moments that set the tone for the rest of the shoot..

Candid capture

The four images below, show a little snippet of the progress of a shoot:

Natural Beautiful Smile

Photo shoots last at least a couple of hours and include a couple of wardrobe changes. We also have the option of using the (optional) makeup artist to change the overall look. This is why we start off with quite a natural look, as it is far easier to "build up" the makeup, than the other way around.

By the end of the shoot, you will be buzzing with excitement and totally in love with the whole experience. After all, who doesn't want to live like a cover model, even if it is only for a few hours!

So the shoot has finished; what now?

Well; I would hope that by now we have formed a bit of connection, a relationship that goes a little beyond that of a professional one. That we will keep in touch and continue to work together.

Your images will generally take about two weeks to edit and send to you. Any changes to this will be clearly communicated and the reasons why explained.

I will finish off with a little presentation of samples from my most recent shoot. Any question at all, please feel free to ask

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